Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

While the winter weather is fairly mild in the Valley of the Sun, there are still some days that the desert temps drop, making us feel like it is winter in Arizona! Here are a few winter safety tips for seniors.

Dress for the weather: keep your indoor temperatures set at a comfortable level and plan to dress in layers. If you are leaving the house, put on a pair of warm socks, a jacket, hat, scarf and perhaps gloves for a little extra coverage. Your body temperature should never drop below 95 degrees.

Check for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: if you are using a gas fireplace or have a gas heater in your home, make sure that your carbon monoxide detectors are in working order. Replace the batteries if they have not been changed out recently.

Get your car serviced: if you are just returning to the Valley of the Sun, it is a good idea to take your vehicle for service (especially if you sorted it while you were away for the summer months). Have the brakes checked, battery, oil, and tires.

Avoid wintertime depression: during the colder months, some seniors may find themselves staying at home more. This time alone can lead to wintertime depression. To help avoid this happening, plan to make a few extra phone calls to family and friends, and try a varied diet that includes Vitamin D foods.

If you find yourself in need this winter, please give me a call. I am happy to help you arrange car service, bring your lunch or batteries for your carbon monoxide detectors!