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Deed Fraud

I am sending this out to everyone I know because it is so important that you are aware of what's happening & how to protect yourself.

I am attaching a few video links that explain what's happening today in Real Estate Deed Fraud. I am also attaching a link to Maricopa County so that you can set up alerts for your self. The most venerable are home that are owned free & clear & are not in a trust & rental properties. They are also targeting land & vacant lots. I have personally went on Maricopa Counties website & entered my info & I also go on their site and put in my property assessors # and check it every month.

Fraud video

If you’re a homeowner, do you know if your property is safe? I don’t mean from the weather or elements; I’m talking about deed fraud. This is a crime where a person falsely claims ownership of your property. If you aren’t protected, the consequences of this crime can be catastrophic. Today, I’m taking you through how deed fraud works and how you can protect yourself and your home. To learn more, check out this video.

Tools to Combat Seller Impersonation and Deed



June 7, 2023

By K. Michelle Lind

Deed fraud. You have heard about it and read about it. You may have been a victim or know someone

who was. Last August the Attorney General’s Office warned Arizona homeowners about deed fraud with

an informative video on the crime by a Special Investigator.

The Crime

The United States Secret Service Cybercrimes Investigations Field offices have reported a sharp increase

in deed fraud crimes associated with unencumbered (lien-free), non-owner-occupied properties, such as

vacation homes, rental properties, investment properties, and vacant properties. Criminals posing as “out

of town” property owners are listing these targeted properties, falsifying documents, impersonating the

notary, and absconding with the proceeds at close of escrow.

Now there are some tools to help combat this crime.


ALTA Seller Impersonation and Deed Fraud “Red Flags” and Precautions Information

Real estate industry partners must work together to educate ourselves and others about these fraudulent

schemes to help prevent them. The American Land Title Association (ALTA) has published this flyer


listing the deed fraud “red flags” to watch for and the precautions to take to protect property owners and

the industry for this increasingly common crime. Please share this ALTA flyer with your broker, office,

escrow/title company, and local association.


County Recorder Alert Systems

The Pinal and Yavapai County Recorders have a system that allows property owners to sign up to receive

an alert whenever a document is recorded that mentions their name. The Maricopa County Recorder’s

Office is launching a similar opt-in alert system to combat deed fraud. See, Amid a rise in title theft,

Maricopa County launches new alert system (azcentral.com).

All of Arizona’s counties are required by a new law (SB 1110) to offer similar alert systems by 2025. The

system will be voluntary, and the notice may be provided by email, text, or other similar means. A.R.S.


These notification systems will alert owners if their property has been subject to deed fraud. This early

warning will assist owners and law enforcement in the investigation and prosecution of deed fraud


Common Deed Fraud “Red Flags”

Below are some deed fraud red flags to be aware of and report to your broker and at

https://www.azag.gov/consumer if fraud is evident.

The property is:

non-owner-occupied or vacant

owned free and clear

The Seller

is out-of-state and will not meet in person

communicates only via email or text

has a different address than the property address or tax mailing address

wants a quick, below market price cash sale

insists on using their own remote notary

wants sale proceeds wired


For More Information

Title Talk – Entity Hijacking/More Deed Fraud: https://www.aaronline.com/title-talk/

Arizona Attorney General Deed Fraud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqmyE7qDsJo

American Bar Association – How to Avoid Title Fraud on Your Property:



K. Michelle Lind, Esq. is an attorney who currently serves Of Counsel to the Arizona REALTORS®. She is

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