Summer is nearly hear but the temperatures are already on the rise in Arizona. And for active adults who love to hike outdoors, taking safety precautions to avoid heat stroke and stay protected is especially important this time of year. Trails can turn deadly for even the most avid hikers if they’re not prepared, especially during the summer months. If you’re ready to brave the trails, please don’t forget these top 5 tips for safe summer hiking in Arizona.

  1. About to try a new trail? Keep in mind trail difficulty ratings increase by one level when temperatures are above 90 degrees, so those rated easy become moderate and moderate becomes difficult.
  2. Hikers planning to hit the trails should start preparing early by hydrating with water (not coffee, soda, and energy drinks) the day before.
  3. Hikers should take plenty of water on their hikes, wear sunscreen and a hat, go in pairs and let someone know where they’ll be hiking and when they expect to return.
  4. When hiking a new trail, people should break it up by only going part of the way the first time so they don’t reach overexertion, he said. The next time, they can go a little farther as they become more familiar with the trail.
  5. Watch for signs you’re over exhausted or dehydrated: clammy skin, weakness, blurry vision, cramps, fatigue, dizziness, dragging your feet, tripping and headaches. Listen to your body and head back as soon as possible. It’s not worth the risk to keep pushing forward!

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