The first day of spring was yesterday and now that a beautiful new season is here it’s time to start spring cleaning. No matter how and when you decide to pull out that dust buster and clear those cobwebs, it pays to play it safe. Here are the top 5 safe spring cleaning tips for seniors.

1.) Clean up Clutter: Trips and falls are likely to happen when you accumulate too much. Reduce the risk by removing unnecessary and obstructive items from your regular walking path and place them in storage or donate them to loved ones who might have a need for them. Make maintaining a clear walkway in every room of your home a top priority.

2.) Check the lights: Fall prevention is a yearlong goal for older adults, and you’d be surprised how much bad lighting contributes to slips and trips. It’s especially difficult for active adults who may experience trouble with their vision. Be sure to check all light features throughout the house and replace any missing or burned out bulbs. Ample light allows you to move freely and safely without the risk of falling due to lack of light.

3.) Check the Medicine Cabinet: Holding on to expired prescription drugs can be detrimental to your health. Make sure to avoid potentially dangerous health hazards by safely disposing of expired medication. Be sure to store medications in a cool, dark, dry place like an airtight plastic container.

4.) Crank up the tunes: The older we get, the more imperative it is to stay active and healthy. As an Arizona retiree, you should never pass up an opportunity to get fit, and spring cleaning offers a way to really get your blood moving. Crank up the tunes and play your favorite songs while you clean to infuse some energy and fitness into your day to help power you through your spring chore list. Just don’t forget to stay hydrated and rest as needed.

5.) Call a friend: If the idea of cleaning your home from top to bottom seems like an overwhelming task, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Call friends or family members to help and turn a possible spring cleaning chore into a party. If there is a lot to do, maybe have friends help one day and family help the next. Or consider asking other neighbors in your active adult community if they’d like to create a “spring cleaning club” where everyone helps each other clean one home per week until everyone is reveling in spring cleaning bliss!