rations ago retirement looked like adult children checking their aging parents into quiet assisted living facilities. However, over the last decade, the view of retirement has considerably changed. Now more and more baby boomers and Arizona retirees are reinventing the idea of retirement. The aging population is more active, more empowered about their health care choices, and wanting different living accommodations to better suit their retirement needs. These changes have contributed to these top 3 senior housing trends for 2016

1.) More Amenities: Today’s seniors aren’t sitting in rocking chairs on the front porch anymore. They’re playing pickle ball, hiking, going back to school and staying more active than ever before. Due to this, many facilities are considering the area’s appeal to active adults. Arizona retirement communities are offering more amenities and more senior-friendly activities for those early retirement years.

2.) More Independence: More Arizona retirement communities are embracing baby boomers and retirees who can live comfortably on their own. The housing market for older adults is gradually adapting to the need of younger retirees by providing self-governing living facilities that encourage and celebrate independence.

3.) More Care: A recent AARP study estimates that nearly ninety percent of people over age sixty-five want to stay in their home for as long as possible. Because of this senior housing trend, there has been a development of more affordable-in-home care programs. There has also been an increase in health technology from wearable medical alert bracelets to health apps for smart phones to help make home care more viable and manageable for Arizona seniors.

Some believe the older we get, the less influence we have but the senior housing trend among older Americans proves the opposite. Now more than ever, Arizona retirees, active adults and baby boomers are taking control of their quality of life and making their own choices for their retirement. If you are looking for an Arizona retirement community or looking to buy a home to enjoy your golden years, please contact Sharon Mason today!