Sun City Grand Golf Courses

Sun City Grand is one of Del Webb's most stunning retirement communities. One of the reasons is because they do a great job of maintaining the grounds. They will be working on the Sun City Grand Golf Course lakes listed below. I live on Granite Falls North course near the beautiful waterfall at the entrance of Sun City Grand and love it here. I am attaching a few of my favorite photos of the area.

The Sun City Grand Board of Directors recently approved for additional lakes to be hard-edged on the golf courses. The following lakes will be hard-edged...

Desert Springs #10
Cimarron #9
Cimarron Large Putting Green
Cimarron #17
Granite Falls South #8

The project is scheduled to start on October 10th. Because of this, staff has been allowing those particular lakes to naturally drain so that the contractor can perform their work. This project will take approximately 2 months to complete.

The purpose of the project is to clean up the lake edges to give them a clean look. This will help out with the weed growth as well. Another reason is to use less water. Over time, the lakes have gotten larger and parts of the lakes are not lined which allows water to pass through.

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