You may have heard that Prasada Lake Village is undergoing significant revisions this year. The 1,600-acre plan stretches west from there to the White Tanks, widening west of Citrus Road from Waddell Road south to Peoria Avenue.

The plan to update the Prasada area was approved in June 2007 and was envisioned as a single-family development with blended neighborhoods and four themed parks built mostly or entirely by Fulton Homes. A proposed minor amendment submitted in September reveals that Fulton Homes dropped out, multiple developers want in, blended neighborhoods and themed parks would be impractical and a smaller age-restricted community could take up part of the area.

“Normally I don’t bring you minor amendments but this is a significant minor amendment that doesn’t meet major amendment requirements,” Community Development Director Eric Fitzer said. While the changes sound significant on paper, this is a minor amendment per the development agreement since it does not increase the density or intensity of the plan. Paul Gilbert, co-founder of Phoenix-based Beus Gilbert PLLC and representative for the applicant, said the proposed changes would not increase the total density by one unit.

In order to make the changes from the originally envisioned development, the land owner first needs approval to bring in multiple developers. The blended neighborhood concept would have required a mix of duplexes and single-family residential on a single street.

Mr. Fitzer said proposed amendments also would open the possibility of a smaller active adult community in part of the development, similar to Trilogy at Vistancia. If added, the senior community would likely include a golf course to meet its open space requirements. “There is a possibility that a portion of the 1,600 acre Prasada Lake Village could be age qualified,” Fitzer stated in an email

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