July is usually our hottest month in Arizona and if you haven’t already, now is the time to prepare your air conditioner and home to ensure the lowest energy bills and maximum efficiency. And with the temperatures expected to reach 110 degrees this weekend, you definitely want to make sure you and your home are staying cool. Here’s what you need to do to get your Arizona home summer ready.

Keep Your Filter Clean: Arizona’s 300 days of sunshine contributes to the dry, dusty climate that can quickly clog your air filter and reduce its efficiency. Clogged air filters can lead to higher energy bills and more frequent air conditioning repairs. So be sure to clean or replace your filter every month. If it’s easier, set the same date every month on your calendar or in your phone to change your filters. You and your A/C will be much happier.

Set It and Forget It: If you’re constantly changing your thermostat, you won’t conserve energy in your home. It’s best to set it at the highest comfortable temperature and leave it. Or if you can, use a programmable thermostat that will automatically adjust for times you are away from home or sleeping. Also, thermostats can pick up heat from lamps, TVs and appliances so be sure to keep them away.

Get Cool: Using your air conditioner isn’t the only way to cool down your Arizona home. Use ceiling fans and oscillating fans when you can to move and cool the air around your home. Change the direction of your ceiling fan to have it blowing downwards for a cool breeze effect. Just remember to shut your fans off when you’re not in the room or away from home to save energy. You can also invest in room darkening window coverings like sunscreens to help keep the heat out.

During Arizona summers, our homes demand extra care and attention to stay cool and comfortable. The good news is with a small amount of effort, you can sit back and make the most of your home. If you’d like more tips on keeping your home cool this summer or if you’re looking to buy a home in an Arizona retirement community, please contact Sharon Mason today!