How gorgeous has this Arizona weather been? From the gentle rainfalls that freshen the air to the bright vibrant blooms gracing our neighborhoods; there’s no denying that spring has blessed the Valley of the Sun. If you’ve been feeling that urge to clean, you’re not alone. Spring is the ideal time for renewal and rejuvenating your space, especially for Arizona retirees. So here are 3 spring cleaning tips to freshen your home!

1.) Clean green

Naturally when we start cleaning, we want to pull out the big guns; bleach, furniture polish, the works. But many of these cleaning products are toxic, from the chemicals on your skin to the fumes ventilating in the air. When it comes to spring cleaning don’t expose yourself to chemicals and toxins. You can purchase effective green cleaning products from most of your local stores or even easily make your own green cleaners if you’re feeling crafty. A steam cleaner is another great green product for spring cleaning. Steam cleaners are 100 percent natural and a chemical-free cleaning solution able to sanitize various areas from hard floors to kitchen appliances.

2.) Listen to music while you clean

The older we get, the more imperative it is to stay active and healthy. As an Arizona retiree, you should never pass up an opportunity to get fit and spring cleaning offers a way to really get your blood moving. A great way to take the monotony out of the spring cleaning process is listen to music while you clean. This can help infuse some energy and fitness into your day to help power you through your spring chore list.

3.) Make spring cleaning social

If the idea of cleaning your home from top to bottom seems like an overwhelming task, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Call friends or family members to help and turn a possible spring cleaning chore into a party. If there is a lot to do, maybe have friends help one day and family help the next. Or consider asking other neighbors in your active adult community if they’d like to create a “spring cleaning club” where everyone helps each other clean one home per week until everyone is reveling in spring cleaning bliss!