There’s a reason why retirees from all over come to Arizona this time of year. Though snowbird season is usually from mid-October to mid-April, the peak season for traveling retirees usually lasts from January through March. Approximately 200,000 winter visitors arrive into the valley each year pumping more than $1 billion into our local economy, according to Here are 3 reasons why now is the best time to retire in Arizona.

1.) Active Adult Amenities

Whether you’re a snowbird enjoying your Sun City vacation home or a permanent retired resident living it up, there’s no denying the charming pull of the southwest. There are over 300 days of sunshine in the valley, and this is the time of year when active adults from all over can really enjoy themselves. There’s a variety activities available at the local retirement communities as well as ample opportunity for dining out, golf, visiting casinos, going to movies, visiting sporting events, and so much more.

2.) The Call of Nature

Nature lovers can appreciate the revered desert sunsets and absolutely fall in love with the brilliant, clear night skies. An evening stroll or a candlelight dinner on the patio with friends is an especially celebrated treat this time of year. Also, the beautiful weather welcomes more outdoor events such as the Phoenix Open and countless other Arizona outdoor festivals for baby boomers and Arizona retirees to enjoy with family and friends.

3.) All Sun, No Snow

Still need convincing as to why now is the best time to retire in Arizona? While most of us are taking quiet mountain hikes, having weekend pool parties, and basking in the warm desert climate, most of the country is surviving eight inches of snow and blizzards strong enough to close down whole cities. It’s really a no brainer why Arizona is the place to be! Is it any wonder why so many retirees make Arizona their permanent home?

If you’re looking to retire in Arizona please contact Sharon Mason today for all your retirement needs. I not only offer a relocation guide, but as your Arizona retirement expert I can also help negotiate the best possible deal and stay with you every step of the way until you find a retirement community or home to call your own. Get ready to explore all the wonderful delights living in Arizona has to offer!