There’s no denying that Social Security is one of the most confusing parts of the retirement process. Arizona retirees are often left wondering when they should file, what’s the max amount of benefits they can receive and much more. When approaching retirement, acting on misconceptions, lack of information and myths will only end up hurting you in the long run. Here are 3 Social Security myths we all need to stop believing.

1.) Once you file, you can’t change your mind: Are you an Arizona retiree that has filed for Social Security benefits, but changed your mind or realized you need to wait? Thankfully filing for Social Security is not a one and done process. Retirees can file paperwork to undo their application and stop their benefits within twelve months of when they initially claimed their benefits. Your benefits will continue to accumulate until your reclaim them in the future, however you will need to repay any Social Security that you have received when first filed.

2.) Social Security is untaxable: Receiving social security benefits unfortunately does not absolve you of taxes. Social Security benefit tax is based upon combined income. Combined income is calculated by taking your adjusted gross income plus any non-taxable interest earned plus a percentage of your Social Security benefit. In fact, Social Security taxes can be taxed between fifty percent to eighty-five percent depending on your individual or joint filing combined incomes.

3.) Social Security means instant Medicare coverage: While Arizona retirees can collect Social Security as early as age sixty-two, the minimum age for Medicare eligibility is sixty-five years old. So even if you claim benefits earlier, you still have to wait until age sixty-five to enroll in Medicare and receive medical coverage.

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