Think volunteering is just a way to pass the time and a nice thing you do for others? Think again! Research continues to show the social, emotional, and even physical health benefits of volunteering. Especially for older adults. A recent study published in The Gerontologist, surveyed more than 200 volunteers ages fifty or older. The volunteers later reported significant improvements in their mental health, along with other socioemotional benefits ranging from a greater feeling of productivity to increased social activity to an overall sense that their life had improved. Still not convinced volunteering could improve your life as an Arizona retiree? Here are 3 reasons older adults should volunteer.

1.) Volunteering keeps you moving

Volunteering for seniors can be good for keeping the body active; whether you’re helping other senior citizens in your community by delivering meals or walking dogs for a local animal shelter. The older we get the more it benefits us to maintain a healthy level of physical fitness and wellness to ward off disease, injury, and just generally increase our quality of life.

2.) Volunteering keeps you sharp

The National Institute on Aging has reported that participating in social leisure activities and meaningful, productive activities such as volunteering may lower the risk of health problems in seniors, including dementia, as well as improving longevity. As an active adult who volunteers, you can help keep your brain healthy which contributes to continuing cognitive health.

3.) Volunteering help keeps you happy

Think about the last time you did something nice for a friend, neighbor, family member or even a stranger. Remember how good it made you feel? There’s a reason for that. In addition to the altruism that comes from helping others, volunteering can help prevent the isolation and depression that is sometimes associated with aging. Those who volunteer experience greater life satisfaction, a sense of purpose and accomplishment, more stress resilience, and lower rates of depression according to the Corporation for National and Community Service.

So there you have it. As an active adult, volunteering offers a bevy of life enhancing benefits that are too good to pass up. Volunteering promotes good physical and mental health, helps seniors pursue their passions in retirement, and helps older adults create a meaningful and rewarding life. Would you like information about volunteering opportunities in Arizona? Please contact Sharon Mason today!