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Why Retirees are Returning to College

August 19th, 2017 4:58 PM by Sharon Mason

Why Retirees are Returning to College

August is National Back to School Month, but why should kids have all the fun? Summer is the perfect time for rejuvenating and renewing your life. That’s why so many older adults and Arizona retirees choose to go back to school around this time. In fact, a growing number of active adults are opting out of traditional retirement communities for university-based retirement communities. Many seniors even choose buy homes near their alma mater or near a favorite local community college to start or continue their education long into retirement.

Wondering why retirees are returning to college? In retirement, it’s not uncommon for older Americans to find themselves isolated from their communities. As a result, many are trading the leisure circuit for the continuing education circuit to keep their minds sharp and stay on top of the technological trends that help keep them connected with society and their families.

There are approximately seventy retirement communities across the U.S. that has ties to nearby universities in the hopes of attracting older adults to enroll. Retirement communities with ties to universities are a growing trend. Catering to the college-educated baby-boomer generation, nearly one hundred schools have revived relationships with former students and others who live in nearby active adult communities.

Most local colleges and universities offer opportunities to continue learning for seniors, from auditing college courses to attending lectures and classes held at a retirement center. There are even some programs like Oasis that allow Arizona retirees to go back to school for free.

If you’re interested in learning more about going back to school post retirement or if you’re interested in buying an Arizona home near a college, please contact Sharon Mason today!

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