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Pet-Friendly Homes Are in Demand

April 10th, 2019 11:02 AM by Sharon Mason

A lot of homebuyers are interested in buying pet-friendly homes so that they can finally settle with their ‘furever’ friend. Pointing out the aspects of your home that appeals to owning a pet can help you attract these buyers over other homes. That’s 68% of the market that’s looking for a pet-friendly home!

As a homeowner looking to list their home, how do you stand out among the rest of the listings to get your home noticed and sold?

These pet owners are looking to treat their pet like family and want them to be safe and comfortable. This means that the community also needs to be pet-friendly, not just the home.

Most aspects of buying, selling and owning a home, come down to pet-friendly variables, which is of no surprise since $72 billion was spent on pets in the U.S in 2018.

Pet Stats Matter in Choosing a Home

  • 12% percent have moved for their pet

  • 19% of Americans say they would consider moving for their pet

  • 89% of pet owners say they would not give up their pet due to a housing restriction

  • 81% of Americans say their pets play a role in their housing situation

  • 31% of animal owners have refused to put in an offer on a home because it wasn’t a good fit for their animals

Even new home builders are taking new strides to make their homes marketable to pet owners. Some have actually begun installing retractable pet gates that tuck inside door jams to attract new pet owners and home buyers.

What can you do to stand out in this pet-friendly market? Make sure to point out the features of your home that will attract these pet owners:

  • Fully fenced in backyard – (91% of pet owners ranked this as the most important feature of a home to accommodate their pet)

  • Locations of dog parks/walking paths/pet-friendly beaches in the area (71% ranked this as the top feature of any neighborhood they would consider)

  • Proximity to veterinarians/groomers/pet supply stores (31%)

  • Sectioned off or split floor plan homes. These make it easier to gate certain areas

  • Tile and wood flooring compared to carpet that holds dander, allergens, hair and shows dirt

  • A backyard big enough for the pet to do their business and still have room to play and run

Take advantage of the fact that many Americans love their pets and will do anything they can to find a home that includes these valuable features by showing how your home can meet these needs.

Sharon Mason, Associate Broker

RE/MAX Professionals


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Posted by Sharon Mason on April 10th, 2019 11:02 AM


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