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3 Ways to Enjoy a Fun Retirement Staycation

June 30th, 2018 6:55 PM by Sharon Mason

3 Ways to Enjoy a Fun Retirement Staycation

Now’s the fun time of year where many Arizona retirees begin taking their summer vacations. From taking adult cruises to the Bahamas to snorkeling off the Cayman Islands and hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro. But these days, more and more active adults are opting to stay close to home and enjoy all the amenities their community has to offer. This has aptly been called taking a “staycation” which is a slang term for frugal vacation without leaving your hometown. Whether you’re saving up or just don’t feel like traveling this year, here are 3 ways to enjoy a fun retirement staycation.

1.) Create a Staycation Schedule: Can you believe there are Arizona retirees who have lived in Arizona their entire life and have not seen the Grand Canyon? If you’re one of those, create a staycation itinerary of some fun places to visit or local things to do. Pick up the paper or check out a local even page online to see what’s happening that you’d be interested in. Visit local art exhibits, craft shows, free live entertainment venues, museums, or try out that new restaurant you’ve been hearing about. The possibilities are endless when you stay in town so why not explore them?

2.) Homeward Bound: Who says you can’t have fun in your own home? It’s easy to get into a daily routine rut that has you yawning long after you’ve started your day. So breaking the bonds of your normal home routines can be a great way to enjoy your staycation. Indulge in some new hobbies like planting a garden, taking a recreational online class, or trying a new recipe in the kitchen. If you’re feeling more social than solitary, you can host a weekly book club or host a wine tasting party at home. Fire up the grill and have a dinner party to remember right in your own backyard!

3.) Get Outside: Early mornings and evenings are still great times to discover the hidden gem bike riding trails, join a hiking club, or even indulge in some camping near a lake. Stargazing on a night hike away from the city is a great way to appreciate and connect with nature. Not into trekking and sweating?  The many outdoor spring festivals, farmers markets, and public barbeques happening valley wide can help give you a healthy dose of vitamin D and a shot of retail therapy too.  

Having fun doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and staying in doesn’t have to be a bore. If you’re interested in finding more retirement activities for a staycation in your area or if you’re an active adult seeking the perfect home in Sun City, please contact Sharon Mason today!


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